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Special Event in Summer Holiday · Mr. Guiyu’s DIY Classroom

To popularize Chinese food culture, RIVIERA SONGHELOU is going to hold a special event, called “Mr. Guiyu’s DIY Classroom”. We hope this event will be unforgettable memories to every family.


This event is aimed at families those who have 6-12 year-old children, and it will be held at 9:30-11:00 on each Saturday’s morning in August. Firstly, our chef will introduce the history of "Sweet & Sour Mandarin Fish" which is our most popular dish, after that he will also show everybody how to make it. Kids shall take part in applying flour upon the mandarin fish and setting up the cuisine decoration. After this part, we will make a DIY sweet mung bean soup. When everything is finished, kids & their parents could enjoy what they make by themselves. At the end of the activity, all participants would take a group photo on the 3rd terrace floor.


This event would invite maximum 10 families each time, and each family inclusive of 1 kid and 1-2 parents. The activity will entail kid’s age between 6-12. The original price of the event is RMB 258, but for pre-buyers the preferential price is RMB 228.


If you want to know more details of the event, please click the following link

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