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Lost in JiangNan·Shaoxing Rice Wine tasting by the Bund View

Rice Wine is one of the wines with the longest history in China, and is well representative of Chinese Wine. Within those, the wine from Shaoxing is well-renowned of its full-bodied taste.

The restaurant, collaborating with GOHI Shaoxing is going to hold a rice wine tasting event called ‘Lost in JiangNan’ in June 26th, to share this kind high quality of rice wine with more people. 6 kinds of innovated rice wine with diverse style and alcohol content will be presented in the event. Those wines are preeminent in the range of the world because of its high quality & innovation ideas.

Meanwhile, the initiator of GOHI, who is one of the rice wine inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, will recount the beauty of GOHI to the guests.

Please click the following link to get the details of Lost in JiangNan event▼

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