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The Menu for Summer on Sale

Summer is coming. The breeze rattling trees and cicadas singing all day long. What a charming and ever-changing season summer is! And our menu for summer is imbued with enchantment just as the same as this energetic summer. It will be launched on Jun 1st 2021 and be end on Aug 31st . We are waiting for your coming.


The menu is inclusive of upgraded traditional Suzhou cuisine, such as “Seafood preserved in Shaoxing Rice Wine”, “Royal Fotiaoqiang”, “Stir-fried Eel served with Burrito” and etc. These dishes are not only innovated, but also shows the historical culture.


At the same time, the menu also includes the seasonal food which is made by the most fresh materials in this season. We provide “Sweet Bamboo Shoots dressing with Black Truffle”, “Crayfish Tartare flavored with Fermented Bean Curd Sauce”, “Yellow Croaker steamed with Chicken Soup”, “Boston Lobster fried with Hairy Crabs” and so on. All of these present the beauty of the season and the specialty from the materials.


If you want to know more about the menu for summer, please click the following link

Other Information

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